Hardwicke House 01787 370011
Meadow Lane 01787 310000
Church Square 01787 227529
Stonehall 01787 278999
Cornard 01787 880337


If you have a life threatening emergency such as chest pain, please hang up and dial 999. Otherwise, please choose from the following options:

* call between 11am and 2pm Mon, Tue or Thur

Calling for Appointments

You may see any doctor working at any site, although we would encourage you to see one doctor for the duration of a problem.

If you find it hard to get through to any branch, you can telephone any other branch to make an appointment at any of our surgeries.

Online Appointments

To start using the online appointment service, you will need to register at Reception and obtain a password and username (we will need to confirm your identity in order that we can issue these details, please have identification to hand and please note that our reception staff may ask you some questions to verify your identification). This service is available to patients over the age of 16

Telephoning A Doctor Or Nurse

If you wish to speak to the doctor or nurse your details will be taken and they will phone you back later. If the matter is urgent the duty doctor will speak to you straight away.

Routine Appointments

Appointments may be booked up to one month in advance and will be made with the doctor or nurse of your choice if at all possible.

Patients can be seen at any of our sites, dependent on the patient's needs or doctor availability.

Urgent Appointments

If an appointment is required urgently, you may telephone after 8.00am. Please do not call into the surgery expecting to be seen without telephoning first. If you do so you may be given an appointment later in the day and will therefore have to come back to the surgery.

You will be given an approximate time, but if someone is seriously ill or the doctor is called out, your appointment may be delayed.

Saturday Morning Appointments

There is a Saturday morning surgery at Meadow Lane (9.00 am - 12.30 pm). Appointments for these surgeries must be booked in advance and are open to all our patients irrespective of where they are normally seen. If you are unable to attend this appointment, please contact the surgery the day before.

This is NOT a walk-in or emergency surgery and you should contact the out-of-hours service should you need urgent medical advice.

Hardwicke House Surgery

Stour Street, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2AY
01787 370011

Meadow Lane Surgery

22 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2TD
01787 310000

Church Square Surgery

Church Square, Bures, Sudbury CO8 5BS
01787 227529

Stonehall Surgery

Nethergate Street, Clare, Sudbury CO10 8NP
01787 278999

The Cornard Surgery

67 Pot Kiln Road, Gt. Cornard, Sudbury CO10 0DH
01787 880337