New patient registration

The practice serves a population in excess of 24,000 patients living in Sudbury and surrounding villages from five surgeries. We have a large clinical team comprising doctors, nurse practitioner, practice nurses and health care assistants (HCAs) as well as dispensers at Hardwicke House, Bures from where eligible patients can receive their medication.

The practice is devoted to achieving and maintaining a quality health service to meet your requirements.

New Patient Checks

When you register with the surgery, if you are over 40, or have complex needs, or are on regular medication, you will be offered a health check with a nurse or health care assistant, who will discuss your medical history.

Please bring a sample of urine for testing at your health check.

How to register

All UK residents have the right within the NHS to be registered with a doctor. We are pleased to register anyone who lives within the practice area.

Check if you live within our practice area >>>

Online registration

You can now register for this practice online. Go here to complete the online registration form >>

Once you have completed the online registration form you will receive a confirmation email from us to say the form has been accepted successfully. Once you have received this, and if you are on repeat medication prior to registering with us, please ensure you have enough medication from your current registered GP for next 3 weeks.

It is important that you contact our reception team to book an appointment with our clinical pharmacist to authorise and issue any future medication. Please note you will not be able to request medication without first having this appointment.

Hardwicke House Surgery

Stour Street, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2AY
01787 370011

Meadow Lane Surgery

22 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2TD
01787 370011

Church Square Surgery

Church Square, Bures, Sudbury CO8 5BS
01787 370011

Stonehall Surgery

Nethergate Street, Clare, Sudbury CO10 8NP
01787 370011

The Cornard Surgery

67 Pot Kiln Road, Gt. Cornard, Sudbury CO10 0DH
01787 370011