Sharyn Mountford RGN

Monica Horton RGN

Sharon Tucker RGN

Lizzie Poter RGN

Mihaela Hristu RGN

Theresa Street RGN

Shelbey Mahon RGN

Laura Bird RGN

Ruth Bescoby Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Health Care Assistants

Justine Ambrose

Jessica Wimshurst

Katy Seely

District Nurses

Telephone: 0300 123 2425

The district nurses are based at Sudbury Health Centre and are there to provide nursing care to the bedridden, housebound and any patient requiring home care following a stay in hospital. These nurses work in close liaison with the doctors who refer patients to them when necessary. They can usually be contacted by leaving a message on the above telephone number.

Hardwicke House Surgery

Stour Street, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2AY
01787 370011

Meadow Lane Surgery

22 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2TD
01787 310000

Church Square Surgery

Church Square, Bures, Sudbury CO8 5BS
01787 227529

Stonehall Surgery

Nethergate Street, Clare, Sudbury CO10 8NP
01787 278999

The Cornard Surgery

67 Pot Kiln Road, Gt. Cornard, Sudbury CO10 0DH
01787 880337