Order repeat prescriptions by email

Please include your full name and your date of birth in the email. You can email your repeat prescription request to hwh.dispensary@nhs.net

Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions will normally be ready within 4 working days after your written request has arrived at the surgery. Please make your request either by email, NHS app or on the detachable slip of paper provided with your last prescription.

We have a dispensary at Hardwicke House and Bures surgeries. All patients who live more than one mile from a pharmacy are entitled to use either of our dispensaries.

To order your repeat prescription, tick off the medication you require on your repeat prescription list and drop it in to the surgery. If you don't have your printed list, you can write what you need on a piece of paper.

Generic Policy

Every drug has 2 names. It can be very confusing. For example NUROFEN is a trade name or marketing name, the generic or chemical name is IBUPROFEN. Similarly PANADOL and PARACETAMOL.

The Practice will prescribe generically, where possible, for a maximum 28-days supply of repeat medications.

Quantity of drugs allowed

There has recently been a Government directive recommending that on any prescription the maximum quantity of drugs prescribed should be those needed for 28 days. If further supplies are needed then they should be repeated every 28 days. The Government say this would prevent wastage and save over 10% of the national drug bill.

This could make it easier and more convenient if you normally use a pharmacy to collect your prescriptions.

This service gives you the option to 'nominate' the place you choose to get your medication or appliance from so that they can receive your prescriptions electronically.

This Service is primarily aimed at patients who are not eligible to use the practice dispensary.

It is particularly suitable for patients who currently use a prescription collection service and who tend to collect their prescriptions from the same pharmacy each time.

This Service will enable your GP to issue electronic prescriptions and it will allow all patients to take advantage of electronic repeat dispensing. This service is already available to dispensary patients at the practice dispensary.

To nominate a pharmacy to receive your electronic prescriptions as soon as that becomes possible, please download the letter in the Prescriptions section of our website, sign, date and return the letter to your surgery.

The practice staff will be pleased to advise you on participating pharmacies. Alternatively, a full list of participating pharmacies is available at: www.nhs.uk

Download forms

If you would like to use the new EPS service, you will need to complete and return one of these forms to nominate your pharmacy.

Download this form if you are non-dispensing patient of the practice

Download this form if you are a dispensing patient of the practice

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